BAZI von Grosspriesen, DOB April 27 2018, elbows: 0/0, hips: 0/0, DNA registered, titled: ZVV1, BH-VT, IPO3, showed: very good, surveyed: 1st class 5VQ1/P., DM (N/N).

DESCRIPTION: BAZI von Grosspriesen belongs from his sire's (HERO z Klidkova dvora) side to the 4th blood line from UTZ v. Haus Schutting xxx HEIN v. Richterbach xxx WICKO Meran xxx OLIX v. Kartago, TYSON von der Schiffslache, BLACK JACK v.d. Teufelskehla, HERO z Klidkova dvora.
From his dam's (AIREEN Villi Virta) side he belongs to the 5th blood line. Namely to the DDR branch founded by world renowned INGO v. Rudingen, ORRI v. Haus Antverpa, TOM van t'Leevdaalhof, VITO v. Waldwinkel, BASKO ze Svobodného dvora, AIREEN Villi Virta.
BAZI himself is a large and strong male with real self confidence. He is a dog that is very willing to work for his handler after being at first really subjugated. He tracks with passion and this passion is constant for the whole duration of the track. His obedience is very willing and he does it really for his handler. His protection is very strong, at the same time he can be controlled. We chose BAZI for JINOPO breeding program mainly to enrich the blood of 4th bloodline that is embedded here via GERO z Blatenskeho zamku. Further we chose him to strengthen the strong stud expression, dominance in protection and health of our progeny.