CHANTAL z Dobrecovske skoly, call name SHANI, DOB December 22 2020, elbows: 0/0, hips: 0/0, spine: 0, titled: ZVV1, surveyed: 1st class 5VQ1/P, DNA (Germany), DM (N/N).

DESCRIPTION: CHANTAL is almost 2 years old gorgeous looking dark sable female with excellent outgoing temperament and social behavior. She is a female that is confident in any situation and on any surface. She is a type of dog that gets used to the new place and handler quickly. She was raised in a kennel and is used to stay in the kennel where she is calm and clean. She is also used to be taken inside the house where she moves normally. As for the work she is immediately ready and works relentlessly. Her obedience is happy and she has a very nice ball drive. Her protection is fast and strong. She can bite on sleeve both inside and outside of buildings. CHANTAL has an excellent working pedigree and she can be used for the production of excellent working progeny. She can be bred to one of our stud dogs and sold pregnant.