EPY z Jirkova dvora, DOB June 12 2009, titled: ZVV1, show: vyborny (excellent), breed survey: 1st class 5JY1/P , elbows/hips: 0/0, DNA.

DESCRIPTION: EPY belongs to the 2nd blood line from her sire's side. EPY is a very nice imposing female with strong head, strong bones and excellent drives. EPY is full of energy with natural suspicion towards strangers. EPY is a very territorial female. She is a very passionate retriever, very good tracking dog and real protection dog.
From her dam's side she belongs to the 5th bloodline via world renowned dogs PLUTO z Pohranicni straze, CHULIGAN z Pohranicni straze, EMIL z Pohranicni straze and VOLF z Pohranicni straze. This means that she has in her pedigree large number of dogs coming from former DDR (East Germany) and Old Czech blood.
We expect that EPY will improve health and conformation of our progeny.