GABI Jirysu Bohemia, DOB June 19 2011, titled: ZVV2, show: velmi dobry (very good), breed survey: 1st class 5CV1/N , elbows/hips: 0/0, DNA.

DESCRIPTION: GABI belongs via her father BADY ze Svobodneho dvora to the 5th bloodline from her sire's side namely to the world renowned branch of INGO v. Rudingen, ORI v. Haus Antverpa, QERRY v. Haus Antverpa, TOM van t Leefdalhof, VITO v. Waldwinkel. Also from her dam's side she belongs to the 5th bloodline and she is in line strengthened 3:4 on Tom van t Leefdalhof.
The mother of GABI - SALLY Favory Cross comes from a very succesfull litter where all her brothers and sisters are healthy and majority of them has competed or is competing at top level competitions.
GABI is also a female that could be a dream dog for every trainer. She does all her disciplines willingly and with full effort. We believe that she will pass her working drives and health onto her progeny. For her first partner we chose NICK z Jirkova dvora who completed 6 working titles by the age of 22 months.