MACO z Jirkova dvora, DOB May 1 2017, elbows/hips: 0/0 officially.

DESCRIPTION: MACO is large strong imposingly looking male in the type of his father ARAM Tufra. MACO is not only large but his temperament is perfectly balanced with strong nerves and great working drives. MACO is fully socialized and he is confident in every environment. MACO has great obedience and hard confident protection. He has great interest in tracking. MACO is a dog suitable for personal and family protection. He can also be used for law enforcement officer that needs dog to work in difficult environments. Because of his pedigree MACO can also be used for breeding strong working dogs. His pedigree is represented by great working dogs from 4th bloodline and he is in line bred 3-4 on RENO Jipo Me.