NATHEA z Jirkova dvora, DOB May 18 2016, elbows: 0/0, hips: 1/1.

DESCRIPTION: NATHEA is 16 months old female with perfect social behavior. She is a type of dog that can be easily handled even by novice handler. NATHEA has balanced drives and she grew up in a family with children. She is used to cats and other house animals. NATHEA has perfect working pedigree full of excellent dogs. She is a large imposing female with black sable color. She is used to traveling in the car and living in the city. She has both on and off leash obedience and she loves doing it. NATHEA is suitable as family and its property protection dog. She can be owned by active family. She is agile and loves to be being trained. Her protection is great and can be succesful also in top sport. Her temperament traits make her also a great prospect as a dual purpose law enforcement dog.