QVERRI Jipo Me, DOB April 5. 2013, titled: ZVV1, BH elbows: 0/0, hips: 1/1, showed: velmi dobry (very good), winner of the class, surveyed: 1st class 5V1/P, DNA tested.

DESCRIPTION: QVERRI belongs from her sire KERY Kamos Durabo's side to the 2nd bloodline namely world renowned branch via the following ancestors SIRK Belchen, JAGUAR Aritar Bastet, PANTER Aritar Bastet. From her dam's side she belongs to the 5th bloodline namely world renowned branch via INGO v. Rudingen přes TOM, VITO, Bady ze Svobodneho dvora. As far as her type she resembles more likely her sire's line. As far as her temperament goes she is a balanced and easily controllable female with good protection. However she is a female with genetically strong working potential that will produce progeny with valuable working traits.