USSY z Dvorakova sadu, DOB May 9 2012, titled: ZVV1, IPO1, BH, ZOP, show: velmi dobra (very good), breed survey: 1st class 5Y1/P, elbows/hips: 0/0, DNA.

DESCRIPTION: USSY belongs from her sire's side (DOOR Krokodyli farma) to the 2nd bloodline. From her dam's side she belongs to the 3rd bloodline. Both lines carry significant working dogs such as FERO, SIRK, ERGO. All three where competing at WUSV World Championship. Both lines also carry blood of XANT, DARGO and GRIM. All these three were competing at National Championships. GRIM also at WUSV World Championship.
USSY herself is hard female with great endurance and willingness to do all three phases (tracking, obedience, protection). She is tireless female and very passionate retriever. USSY's temperament is very balanced. She is a typical switch on/off dog. Ready to work/ready to rest dog. USSY with her type, blood and temperament is fully in accordance with dogs bred at JINOPO.