YLTO z Daskonu, DOB June 3. 2014, , hips: 0/0, DNA (SV), titled: BH, IPO3 (100/92/98 points), showed: very good, surveyed: 1st class 4Y1/P.

DESCRIPTION: YLTO is medium size, strong male with normal social behavior. He is a dog with lots of energy that is interested in entire training. He is used to stay in the kennel. YLTO is a dog suitable for top sport. He can also be used as a stud dog for the production of working dogs. YLTO is proven stud dog. His litters are large, puppies are lively and confident everywhere and have great working drives. YLTO has very high hunt, prey and defence drives. These drives are in balance. His performance in tracking, obedience and protection is even leveled. His pedigree is built based on 3rd bloodline that was founded by KLODO Boxberg. All ancestors till 3rd generation were hard protection dogs. YLTO is suitable to be used everywhere where you need to improve protection traits of the progeny and where you need to consolidate required medium large body frame.