Price calculation  
Price breakdown

1) Basic price for flight, crate and transport from the collection center.

- follows the valid price list

2) arranging of veterinary papers for the client*

- fixed price 150 CZK (50 EUR)

3) charge for the collection of the animal at the client's place

- depends on the current per kilometer tariff


For shipping of an adult dog in crate no. 5 to Los Angeles with veterinary papers arrangement and collection of the animal at the client's premises in Prague, the client will pay 45.900 CZK basic price and 150 CZK for veterinary papers arrangements and 280 CZK for collecting the animal. The total price will be 46330 CZK (1750 EUR). From this moment the animal is taken care of and the animal is taken to the airport for shipment.

* The vaccination against rabies must be at least 30 days old and not older than 1 year