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  • EIKO v.d. Magie x USSY z Dvorakova sadu litter. The litter was born November 14 2017 and there are 2 solid black males and 1 solid black female available. Puppies are strong, healthy with strong heads. The litter is done as intraline breeding, at the same time however with return to dogs originating from 5th bloodline of former DDR (INGO, KASS, EX, ARKO). Puppies are expected to be used for personal protection, law enforcement and as dogs used in breeding program of working dogs.

    EIKO v.d. Magie x NUFI z Jirkova dvora litter. The litter was born November 4 2017 and there are 4 black sable males and 2 black sable females available. Puppies are full of life, strong with strong bones and large heads. The litter is done within the frame of 5th bloodline namely DDR branch. Pedigree is full of famous dogs such as DASK, CARLY, SERGO, ORI, INGO, NAVAR, PLUTO, CHULIGAN, DARGO, GRIM, GERO, NORBO, DASKO, ASKO, TOM. Puppies are bred to be large with excellent traits for personal protection and for law enforcement. We guarantee strong health of the puppies.

    A'Bruno pod Blanikem x OFELIE z Jirkova dvora litter. The litter was born October 10. 2017 and there is 1 bicolor female available. This is a breeding done in the frame of 2nd bloodline with inline breeding 3-4 on ZEN z Jirkova dvora. Puppies are extraordinarily lively with huge strong heads and strong bones. We guarantee easy trainability, big intelligence of the puppies and their beautiful strong and healthy conformation. The expected use of the pups depends on their future training and is ranging from top sport over to personal protection over to law enforcement.

    Sarko z Jirkova dvora x Qverri Jipo Me litter. The litter was born September 26 2017 and there are 2 sable females available. The litter is an inline breeding on BADY ze Svobodneho dvora. This means that here is blood from 5th bloodline namely former DDR branch that was founded by INGO v. Rudingen. Puppies are strong, vital and dark pigmented. The assumed future use of the pups is for personal protection, law enfocement, S&R and also top sport. We guarantee strong health and high intelligence of the puppies.

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    MOODY z Jirkova dvora x VOXXI Jipo Me
    The litter was born September 7 2017 and there is 1 black sable female available. This is an intraline breeding with gathering of blood on DARGO Ha-Ja-Da. Puppies will be strong, large with balanced drives. They will be suitable as personal protection dogs, family protection dogs and as Law Enforcement dogs.

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    EIKO v. d. Magie x JENNY Vepeden litter. The litter was born September 5. 2017. There is 1 sable female available. The litter is done within the frame of 5th bloodline of former DDR. Female will be large and strong with excellent working temperaments. They will be suitable for future use in a breeding program, personal and family protection, S&R and also top sport.

    Phoenix, USA Taipei, Taiwan Manila, Philippines Prague, Czech Republic

    Puppies posted on this website are coming either directly from our breeding program or they are litter picked individuals from litters that come from the breeding of our stud dog to a high quality working female not directly owned by Jinopo.CZ.

    We can guarantee to our potential buyers that the puppy they receive is going to be quality individual with strong bones, head, perfect pigmentation and with perfect nerves and overall health.

    You can reserve any of the puppies from either of the litters now!

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    t: +420 724 240 359
    f: +420 315 629 714

    NameExpected due date
    EIKO v.d. Magie x EPY z Jirkova dvoraJanuary 9 2018
    SARKO z Jirkova dvora x ROSSI Jipo MeNovember 18 2017
    SARKO z Jirkova dvora x EBBZY z Jirkova dvoraDecember 24 2017
    ZAKO MAX z Jirkova dvora x LANNA z Jirkova dvoraDecember 28 2017
    GAO z Jirkova dvora x DADY z Jirkova dvoraJanuary 6 2018