MALE #1 available: (below)
Puppy is 9 weeks old in the pictures.

EIKO v.d. Magie x GAMA Nokafi litter. ILL z Jirkova dvora, DOB March 22 2018. ILL is a puppy with great temperament that loves playing with his handler. He is brave, not afraid of new things, sounds or noises. He is naturally curious. The litter is done within the frame of 5th bloodline of former DDR dogs. It is a combination of blood of INGO v. Rudingen and BERND v. Lierberg. There is no in line breeding till 5th generation in the pedigree. Puppies are strong, energetic with verz dark colors. The assumed future use is for law enforcement, top sport and personal/familz protection. You can expect large sized pups with big working drives in combination with strong health.