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  • MOODY z Jirkova dvora x ATTA Adnaf
    The litter was born November 1 2019 and there are 1 black sable male, 3 solid black males and 3 solid black females available. Puppies are healthy, strong and full of life. The heads of the males will be huge. Overall the puppies will have strong bones and will be excellent especially in protection. The litter is done as an intraline breeding between 2nd and 5th bloodlines namely between the branches of former DDR.

    FANT z Jirkova dvora x HERRA Nokafi
    LOBO Nokafi, DOB September 8 2019. LOBO is a litter picked puppy that was selected for his looks and temperament. He is a large strong male with balanced temperament and strong head. He is interested in working with people. LOBO has clear head. We expect LOBO to be large size male suitable for personal and family protection. He also has potential to be trained as a law enforcement dog.

    FANT z Jirkova dvora x DARRA z Labskeho privozu
    Litter was born October 11 2019 and there are 3 black sable females available. Puppies are gorgeous, black sable with strong heads, strong bones and are very vital. This is a breeding done within the frame of 2nd bloodline. Among more significant dog in their pedigree belong MOODY, ART, BADY, PIKO, FURO, PANTER, VITO, TOM, IBON, KERY, ERDO a NORBO. These ancestors are quarantee for strong health, strong nerves and easy trainability of the pups. Puppies are suitable for personal and family protection as well as for law enforcement use. They will also be great prospects for production of strong working dogs.

    Cadet z Jirkova dvora x Ebbzy z Jirkova dvora litter. The litter was born October 13 2019 and there are 2 solid black females and 1 black sable female available. Puppies are strong with large heads and strong bones and dark pigmentation. This litter was bred within the frame of 4th bloodline with medium level of in line breeding on RENO Jipo ME and then XAC z Pohranicni straze. Among other significant dogs in the pedigree belong PLUTO z Pohranicni straze, CHULIGAN z Pohranicni straze, PARD z Jirkova dvora and QVANTO Jipo Me. This pedigree make puppies to be great prospects for quality. Females will be strong, healthy with versatile trainability. They will be also suitable for future use in breeding program to produce healthy working dogs. They will also be suitable as family and property protection dog and also as law enforcement dogs.

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    MOODY z Jirkova dvora x HEXI z Velkooseckych zahrad (KERY Kámoš Durabo x BRIXI z Velkooseckých zahrad) ZVV1, BH, ED/HD: 0/0, VD
    KORA z Velkooseckych zahrad, DOB August 4 2019. KORA is absolutely balanced puppy with balanced drives and need to work with his handler. KORA has excellent social behavior. She has strong bones, solid nerves and is confident in every situation. Depending on her future training he will be suitable for family protection, S&R and also for law enforcement use. She can also be used in the future as female for production of strong worknig dogs.

    A'Bruno pod Blanikem x GRACIE z Labskeho privozu, titled ZVV2, showed: excellent, elbows/hips: 0/0, DNA tested, surveyed 1st class selective breed 5JV1/P

    The litter was born July 30 2019 and there is 1 black sable female available. The litter is done within the frame of 2nd blooline. Puppies are active, healthy with very nice conformations. Puppies are naturally interested in everythign. The expected future use of the puppies is for law enforcement and family protection. They can also be used for the production of healthy working dogs.

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    Puppies posted on this website are coming either directly from our breeding program or they are litter picked individuals from litters that come from the breeding of our stud dog to a high quality working female not directly owned by Jinopo.CZ.

    We can guarantee to our potential buyers that the puppy they receive is going to be quality individual with strong bones, head, perfect pigmentation and with perfect nerves and overall health.

    You can reserve any of the puppies from either of the litters now!

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    NameExpected due date
    FANT z Jirkova dvora x DARRA z Labskeho privozuOctober 12 2019
    CADET z Jirkova dvora x EBBZY z Jirkova dvoraOctober 14 2019
    ZAKO MAX z Jirkova dvora x LANNA z Jirkova dvoraOctober 28 2019