PALLMA z Jirkova dvora AVAILABLE (below)
GIORDANO BRUNO Vlci udoli x JAIKA z Jirkova dvora
Litter was born November 19 2022 and there is 1 black sable female available. Puppies are gorgeous, healthy, large with huge heads, strong bones and beautiful dark pigmentation and viability. This litter is done as a combination of 5th and 2nd bloodlines and their pedigree is packed with excellent working dogs. Among the most significant dogs in their pedigree that many were also used in the breeding program of JINOPO belong MOODY, ART, JAGO, LEA, PIKO, FURO, PANTER, JAGUAR,, XANT, ROSA, RENO, XAC, ALEX, TINA, DARGO, CIRA, MAMBO, QUINT, LARRY, ELLUTE, JARO, SONNY. These ancestors are guarantee for strong health, strong nerves and easy trainability of the puppies. Puppies will be suitable for person and family protection and also for law enforcement and sport depending on their future training. They will also be great prospects to be used in the breeding program of strong working dogs.