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?Por qué debe usted comprar un perro del Pastor Alemán de JINOPO.CZ?

Jinopo.CZ es manejado por el grupo de criadores profesionales con 21 anos de experiencia de la crianza en instalaciones grandes de la perrera anterior del z Pohranicni straze. Nuestro trabajo de crianza no sigue tendencia moderna en la crianza de perros de la demostración pero nuestra puntería principal es criar a progenie con la utilización versátil y el trainability alto. Nuestro interés es tener descendiente sano y fuerte con la pigmentación oscura.

Los perros disponibles de Jinopo.CZ dan a clientes la oportunidad para comprar perros con capacidades de trabajo en varias etapas de la edad y el entrenamiento con variedad amplia de pedigrí de trabajo. Combinamos la comodidad del Internet con las más nuevas tecnologías permitiéndole ver lo que usted está comprando.

Incluso con alta demanda en nuestros perros intentamos acercar a nuestros clientes individualmente.

Hasta la fecha Jinopo.CZ tiene 3 sociedades estratégicas el cubrir de la demanda actual en la Norteamérica y de la demanda creciente en Asia.

?Por qué no hacer una visita a Jinopo.CZ a la parte de su viaje de negocios siguiente?

Anitchka Novotna from JINOPO and our dog FANT z Jirkova dvora completed FPr3 title with beautiful result of 94 points and thus securing the possibility to compete at National Junior Championship in tracking at Zatec-Loucky taking place November 10.-11.2024. Big congratulations to Anitchka who is our future generation at JINOPO and FANT and we wish good luck at Nationals!


The following female dog called AMOUR Jipo-ME, DOB November 6, 2017, chip:

642099000490926, pedigree number COR A-32742 18-166 is used for breeding and is pregnant to ZOOB z Jirkova dvora. This dog is owned by Remco Lundig and is used for breeding at Ve Zlabkach Kennel.

The dog AMOUR Jipo-Me HAS NEVER BEEN BRED IN Jipo-Me kennel which is an internationally registered and protected name by FCI. Parents of AMOUR were sold as puppies and never been bred within JINOPO under any kennel name.

The illegal use of Jipo-Me kennel name is to confuse and deceive all customers and friends of JINOPO. It directly inflicts damages to breeder JIRI POKORNY and JINOPO as well. It devaluates decades of work on breeding and improving working line GSDs.

There might be many more JIPO-ME dogs with Romanian pedigrees out there so be aware that these are not dogs bred by JINOPO. Real JIPO-ME dogs always have Czech pedigree.

Also beware that if you receive any answer or reply signed as PETR when communicating with Ve Zlabkach kennel or Remco Lundig this IS NOT a reply by PETR NOVOTNY - the co-owner of JINOPO. This is another atempt of Remco to act as part of JINOPO which he is not.

By this immoral behavior REMCO LUNDIG lost his moral credibitity if he ever had any and he neither represents JINOPO nor has ever been biggest friend of JIRI NOVOTNY and JINOPO which he uses as mere marketing and self promotion tools. His promises towards JIRI NOVOTNY and JINOPO were never fulfilled and his values are not the same as of JINOPO.

Katerina Novotna from JINOPO and her dog FANT z Jirkova dvora competing at Qualification for Czech National IGP Championship that will take place in June 2022 in Ceska Trebova. The event took place April 22 - 24 2022 in Prestice and total number of 31 dogs and handlers competed. Katerina Novotna and FANT earned 260 points and finished on total 9th place. FANT was 3rd best GSD in the qualifications. This is a great success for our team. Huge congratulations to Katerina and FANT and good luck at Nationals!

Jiri Novotny from JINOPO and his dog FANT z Jirkova dvora competing at International Championship of German Shepherd Club at Trnove u Plzne in 2020. The event took place September 16 - 20 2020 and total number of 80 dogs and handlers competed. Jiri Novotny and FANT earned 270 points and finished on 15th place. This is a great success for our team. Huge congratulations to Jiri and FANT!


Jiri Novotny and A'BRUNO pod Blanikem competing at International Championship of German Shepherd Club at Roudnice nad Labem in 2019.


March 29. - 31. 2019 in Roudnice nad Labem IGP3 CACT competition for National Championship took place. A'BRUNO pod Blanikem handled by Jiri Novotny participated in this competition and were able to achieve 271 points earning them 5th place in overall performance. In the cathegory of tracking they won 1st place with 97 points. Jiri Novotny and A'BRUNO secured a nomination for IGPR3 National Championship in 2019. Apart from this A'BRUNO received R CACT title.


VARO z Dvorakova sadu (KERY Kamos Durabo x LADA z Dvorakova sadu) became Overall 2018 Champion in TART in the Czech Republic. VARO is a son of KERY Kamos Durabo owned by JINOPO and his victory is a success of former z Pohranicni straze (z PS) blood. Congratulations!


August 18 - 19 2018 in Dobriz, Czech Republic CACIT IPO3 competition took place. In total there were 47 dogs and handlers. FANT z Jirkova dvora with Alice Nelibova were one of them. FANT earned total of 253 points in the competition and ended on nice 15th place. FANT was also 5th most succesful GSD male in the competition. FANT performed very nice tracking with 90 points. His obedience was very happy from beginning to the end and because of some innacuracies he earned 75 points. His protection was very strong and confident and was evaluated with 88 points. FANT was the younges dog that took part in the competition. We congratulate Alice Nelibova and we wish lot of training successes in the coming years.


May 8 2018 FANT z Jirkova dvora and CADET z Jirkova dvora competed at GSD club competition with their handler Alice Nelibova. FANT z Jirkova dvora placed 2nd in ZVV1 cathegory and CADET z Jirkova dvora 1st at ZZO cathegory.

Congratulations to Alice and both dogs for representing JINOPO dogs!


A Bruno pod Blanikem with his handler Nadezda Sloupova qualified for 2017 IPO3 National Championship. The qualification was held at Krchleby, CZ on April 14 and 15 2017 and A Bruno qualified with 90/88/86 (tracking/obedience/protection) points and he earned 9th place. National Championship will be held in June 2017 at Roudnice. Congratulations to A Bruno and Nada!


Jiri Novotny and Moody z Jirkova dvora competed June 17 - 19 2016 at IPO3 Czech National Championship. Although MOODY was the youngest dog at the competition this year he places very well. Out of 46 dogs he finished on 25th place and he was the 5th most successful German Shepherd of the whole National Championship.



Granule z Jirkova dvora owned by Czech Republic Police forces has achieved the following results in 2015:

1) Explosives detection Champion

2) Scent work Champion

3) Overall winner of Czech Police K9 competition

We want to thank this way her handler Jindrich Urban for large piece of hard work done with Granule.






Gina Jipo Me has ended her competition career by taking part in ZVV3 National Championship that took place on 22.9.2012 in Volenice/Pribram. She placed overall 4th place with 270 points (91/84/95) and won the best protection of the event!


In July 2012 Jinopo was proud to receive a delegation of high ranking oficials from Egyptian Army in order to offer them service dogs for their various needs.


Between 30. January 2012 and 1. February 2012 Jinopo was visited by world renowned kennel von Haus Antwerpa in order to breed with our stud dog JAGO Jipo Me. We believe that his is a great honour not only for us but for the whole canine world in the Czech Republic. Especially if they had to pass on their way Germany - the home of origin and creator of German Shepher dog



JAGO Jipo-Me and his handler Vilem Balej have competed at World Championship WUSV 2011 in Kiev. Congratulations to their representation of the Czech Republic and very nice protection that was evaluated by 92 points. We would like to share these pictures we recently received.

BADY ze Svobodneho dvora and OX z Jirkova dvora participated at International IPO3 CACIT competition that took place July 22. - 24. 2011 in Dobris, CZ. OX has placed 12th and BADY 17th.

JAGO Jipo-Me and his handler Vilem Balej have qualified for World Championship WUSV 2011 in Kiev. Congratulations to both for carried out thorough piece of work and we wish both succesfull represention of the Czech Republic in the World Championship.

April 10 2011 GINA Jipo Me achieved the best result in qualifiaction for Nationals. The competition took place in Roudnice, CZ and GINA achieved the best result in the tracking and was announced the overall winner of the competition.


September 16. 2010 Jiri Novotny has been registered by committee of CMKU (Czech Kennel Club) as a International judge for German Shepherd breed conformation.

February 16. 2008 Jiri Novotny was elected as a National Breed Warden and National Advisor on breeding of German Sheherd Dogs (GSD) in the Czech republic. By being elected into this function, Jiri Novotny received an important and distinguished recognition by CKNO (Czech German Shepherd Dogs Club) for his life long work and devotion to the breed of GSD. All his life he was participating actively in this field as a private citizen and also, for 21 years, as a director of breeding of former government breeding station z Pohranicni straze (z PS).

August 20. - 21. 2010 Czech Kennel Club (CKNO) organized Czech national Sieger Show in Policka, CZ. 276 German Shepherd dogs participated in this show. 46 stud dogs participated in working class. Our stud dogs though belonging to the working line dogs placed as follows:

CHARI z Esagilu V13
URF z Jirkova dvora V18
OX z Jirkova dvora V21
ZEN z Jirkova dvora V23.
In the temperament evaluation all of our stud dogs gained outstanding mark!!!!


July 2010 JINOPO took part in international CACIT competition in Dobris, CZ. From the total 42 competitors we placed 10th with BADY ze Svobodneho dvora, 13th with OX z Jirkova dvora and 14th with GINA Jipo Me. Videos can be seen in our video section: click here .

Bady ze Svobodneho dvora has qualified for 2010 IPO3 National Championship

Jiri Novotny at the seminary in January 2010 in Phoenix, AZ, USA. [more...]

XANT z Jirkova dvora, CAT, res. CACIT, August 10. - 12. 2007. XANT had the best tracking of the CACIT. Right: After protection. XANT gained 93 points.
Group of JINOPO dogs that competed at Czech Sieger Show 2007. All dogs had their conformation evaluated as vyborny (V, excellent) and they made clear difference from other dogs in the biting part.
They are from left ODIN od Roubenky, NAVAR Hronovsky pramen, MAMBO z PS, XANT z Jirkova dvora and RENO Jipo Me.
Phoenix, USA Taipei, Taiwan Manila, Philippines Prague, Czech Republic


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